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Nebraska Family of the Year

2014 is starting out on a really positive note for GWTA Nebraska! Not only are we represented and led by a fabulous new State Director, Peggy Hakanson, we are blessed to have Karen and Jim Durand as our Nebraska Family of the Year!!!

Karen and Jim along with their daughter, Katie, have been members since 1998 when they became members of Chapter A. They have owned a few motorcycles over the years including a 1980 GL1100, 1981 GL1100 and their current 2010 GL1800.

Jim retired from Union Pacific Railroad in 1986 and Karen recently retired from Dimatic in 2011. Jim spends his days working on remodeling jobs at home and on his famous “Garage Mahal”. Karen remains active at Northwest High School where Katie graduated in 2013. Katie is seeking a degree in International Studies & Political Science through the University of Nebraska at Omaha and is currently attending classes in South Korea.

Jim, Karen and Katie have been very active in GWTA attending as many Chapter, State, Region and National events as time would allow. Karen, with the help and support of Jim and Katie, has held many positions in Chapter A over the last 15 years including Chapter Director, Newsletter Editor, 50/50 Coordinator, Raffle Ticket Coordinator, Secretary, and Treasurer. She and Jim are currently Chapter Directors for Chapter A.

The Durands will represent the State at Region C in June and set their sites on becoming the next National Family of the Year!

Deb Siepker
Nebraska Director of Special Operations

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Published 4/11/2014 1:51 PM

Webmasters Report


As you all know, our websites have been down since Friday 4/6 sometime during the day. Rest assured, I have been working with our hosting provider GoDaddy to get the sites back online.

At the time of this writing the sites are still down and I am now working to have our development server brought online so the site can remain functional. Unfortunately, I don't have a backup site for the Regional Site so it will remain down until GoDaddy decides to fix the problem.

In speaking with them on the phone, they do not know what the problem is, will give me no updates or even a status of any kind. To make matters worse, they have posted splash pages on the server for you to contact me to fix the site even though there is nothing I can do to resolve it.

The Regional Rally Flyers have been posted on the site and you can now download them again.

Again, Sorry for the down time. I wish I had better news!

For now...

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Published 4/6/2014 12:48 AM

Upcoming Event Flyers

Upcoming Events

Chapter NEZ Dinner Ride @ Gurney's Restaurant in Missouri Valley on 4/24/2014
Chapter NEB 2014 Iowa State Rendezvous @ Elk Horn City Hall in Elk Horn on 4/26/2014
Chapter NEZ Chpt Z Bike Inspection @ Tom and Judy Erlewines in Woodbine on 4/27/2014
Chapter NEG Dinner Ride @ HOG BBQ in Council Bluffs on 4/29/2014
Chapter NEA Dinner Ride @ April Rain in Glenwood on 4/30/2014
Chapter NEZ Dinner Ride @ B & J's Dew Drop Inn in McClelland on 5/1/2014
Chapter NEC Joint Club Dinner Ride @ Pizza Kitchen in Milford on 5/1/2014
Chapter NEY Breakfast & Meeting @ Trackside Bar and Grill in Waverly on 5/3/2014

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Other News

Nebraska Family of the Year!

On behalf of Peggy Hakanson, Nebraska State Director, I would like to announce our new Nebraska Family of the Year. (Drum Roll) Karen and Jim Durand from Chapter A. Please pass this information on to your members and join me in congratulating them on this great honor!!! Thank you!

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Published 3/24/2014 7:35 PM

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2014 Iowa State Rendezvous  2  
Chapter Z Meet and Eat  23  
Region C Rally  45  
Chpt P Iowa Motorcycle Ride  59  
Poker/Fun Run  65  
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Fall Follies  198  
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