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Fall Follies Coming UP!

Let's all get our CRAZIEST Hats out for some Mad Mad Hatter Fun! Fall Follies coming soon on November 8th at Mahoney State Park/Riverview Lodge! You can find the printable PDF file here on the web site. If you would like a room at the lodge or a cabin mention GWTA when you call 402-944-2523. Pre-register for $25.00 per person before Oct 1st! This includes a Pot Luck Lunch made by your state staff AND the Banquet Supper. Let's make this new venue a HUGE success! See you all there!

Paula Fleischman

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Published 8/27/2014 12:59 PM

Summer Still In Force


Hello again!

Here it is a month later and the Region C Rally is behind us. We only got to attend the last day of the rally because as the camper sat poised and ready in the driveway with the bike loaded in it, a freak hail storm came through and totaled everything in its path. My truck was the only survivor but only because I got it into the garage only 15 minutes before the storm. I had to do some fantastic and wild driving to make that happen.

As I write this today, the windows have been replaced in the house and the trees have been successfully put away in the wood shed. Everything else still awaits resolution.

In my last post I asked for feedback and boy did I get it. I got all sorts of e-mails from many folks. Thanks for that! I am logged in tonight and am trying to upload all the flyers and photos that are stacked up in my queue. Be sure to watch the picture of the day page for the new ones to rotate through. If you have any to submit, be sure to get them to me!

I see we also have updates from the other staff members! That's also fantastic. Summer is still in force and there are still events pending. Next years Region C Rally will be held in Iowa at the Fairgrounds. IMHO those are the best rallies. I am looking forward to that.

Until next time...

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Published 8/31/2014 2:50 PM

Upcoming Event Flyers


Upcoming Events

Chapter NEA Chapter Meeting @ Millard Public Library in Omaha on 9/3/2014
Chapter NEZ Dinner Ride @ Rustic Inn in Fort Calhoun on 9/4/2014
Chapter NEY Breakfast & Meeting @ Trackside Bar and Grill in Waverly on 9/6/2014
Chapter NEG Dinner Ride @ Millard Roadhouse in Millard on 9/9/2014
Chapter NEA Dinner Ride @ OJ's Cafe in Omaha on 9/10/2014
Chapter NEZ Chapter Meeting @ Pizza Ranch in Missouri Valley on 9/11/2014

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